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. >> this is not a revenue enhancement will. it is to make it difficult for you to buy bullet tools. >> it includes a big change in how the city treats some drug use. he wants to make possession of small amounts of marijuana as a summary offense, treating it more like public drunkenness and then a felony crime. >> police officers are spending time on "peggy" crimes. i wanted to focus in on quality -- "pattpetty" crimes. i want them to focus on quality of life. >> in 2000, the homicide rate was 40 per 100,000 people. in 2010, the rate was 36 per 100,000 people. it is among the highest in the country. he says he is willing to consider spending less on policing. >> i would more than consider a smaller police budget, particularly if it is part of a bigger plant. if you are making cuts in the police budget, you need to also make an enhancement in other areas so you are enhancing public safety. right now, we are not doing that. >> he says his public safety plan will reduce crime by 20%. >> in washington, there is a vote and a possible plan to end the deadlock over the debt ceiling. the latest proposal will hav
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1